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Online Payment Gateway

Among the current computer savvy Indian environment, e Payments is increasingly becoming the chosen way to pay. Being instantaneous, safe and convenient, users are swiftly moving to digital option for multiple choices of payment – through the bank account, credit or debit cards, prepaid cards and e-Wallets. With Internet Payments rising as one of the most user-friendly payment options in the recent times it is in high demand for the parent also to make payment online for their ward’s school fee.
Online Payment



Guarantees customer personal data protection
It has ease of access and use.
Effective fraud prevention.
PCI-DSS v2.0 certified gateway which is a global security benchmark in the payment services industry.
Enabling Credit, Debit & Cash / Pre-paid Cards and e-Wallets over internet for payment processing
Online Payment confirmation to customers and different intermediaries
Improve school management operations with advanced functions
Enabling Net Banking with all major banks over internet for payment processing
Consolidated dashboard & reports
Additional layer of security due to implementation of OTP (One time password)



Real-time transactions and payments
Save time and money required for reaching out physically to school
Secure transactions
Comfort, ease, convenience